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May 8, 2014

Selling a House After a Divorce

Anna and her husband David separated in January, 2012. David, who was in the military, took a permanent position overseas leaving Anna the house in Bethesda. The following spring, Anna moved in with her mother in Frederick because she did not want to live in the Bethesda house by herself. Although it was mostly paid off at the time of their separation, the home’s property taxes were still fairly high, over $4,000 a year. Anna realized that she would have to sell eventually.

She knew that she wanted to sell the house, but was overwhelmed by the whole process. The idea of cleaning out the house and removing everything David left behind was painful for Anna and she put off the sale for as long as she could.

With David overseas and other complications, the divorce didn’t go through officially until August, 2013. The house was officially hers.

That was when Anna saw a sign for 4 Brothers Buy Houses. She had seen these types of advertisements before, but never really knew what they meant. Would she have to clean the house? How long would the process take? Would she need a realtor?

She decided to give us a call.

We listened to her concerns and after giving her a preliminary cash offer and assuring her that she would not need to step foot in the house to do any cleaning or hire a realtor, we agreed to look at the house and finalize our offer.

The house was in better shape than we expected so we offered to pay the closing costs as well as put all of her and David’s old possessions in a storage unit so she could take a look at them when she was ready.

We closed on the deal less than two weeks after Anna first called.

If you are going through a divorce or another tough situation such as a death in the family or career change and need to sell your house fast for cash, consider giving us a call to see if we can help.