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June 24, 2015

Why sell the house FAST or AS-IS?

People may wonder why anyone would need to sell their house FAST or AS-IS instead of selling it traditionally through the real estate agents and putting it up on the market. People might think this process occurs usually when people are ready to move out to a new house. In a sense, it is true. However, there are many other reasons why people have the need to sell the house or even consider “getting rid of it.” 

Why in such hurry?

One can be going through a divorce process and need to quickly clear the names off of the house and move on with their life. A house could have been inherited but it is unwanted or too difficult to manage so it is in the owner’s best interest to liquidate the asset without hassle. There are more in depth explanations on the divorce and inheritance situations at Some people get behind on payments; whether it’s on their mortgage, which results in them going into default, or on smaller items like property taxes or even HOA association dues.  In those cases, people often can’t financially afford to be in the house anymore and so wish to sell quickly so they can move on to a property that will be more financially comfortable for them to own. 

Another reason why an owner might need to sell a house fast is due to an impending bankruptcy filing,  be it chapter 7 or 13. Other common causes are various life changes, like an owner who may want to move to a smaller home quickly due to a change in income that was caused by unemployment or shortened hours.  Changes in financial conditions can often lead an owner to want a home with a more manageable monthly payment. 

Perhaps managing a rental property is becoming too difficult and want to just sell the house. Ultimately, regardless of the reason of selling the house, people may struggle to afford to fix up the property to even put up on the market or do not want to go through weeks or months worth of hassle.

Let’s say someone has enough funds to fix up the house and use a real estate agent to put it on the market. People claim that time is money. Saving time can be critical in certain cases and that is why people would consider using services like 4 Brothers Buy Houses to quickly go through the process of selling the house. Convenience is also another huge factor that comes into play. Some people need to go through their attorney, home owners association, real estate agents, remodeling contractors and loads of paperwork. Even after all the hassle and finally putting it up in the market, there is no guarantee it will be sold right away! It takes time and effort to leave the house open for people to come by and visit to look at it. People should always consider their alternative options to sell their house fast and as-is to alleviate the problem of not having enough funds or not wanting to go through a hassle when they are in time sensitive circumstances.


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