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September 9, 2020

Sold Her Home For Cash In McLean, Virginia

Sold Home For Cash In McLean

Janice owned a property in McLean, Virginia. The property was in good shape, but hadn’t been renovated in awhile. She saw a commercial for 4 Brothers Buy Houses and decided to contact us. After a brief negotiation, we were able to go under contract in April and close in May. She got the money she wanted.

This is the story of Janice, from McLean, Virginia. Janice owned a second home in McLean that she wasn’t really using for anything much except storage. She saw a commercial for 4 Brothers Buy Houses and decided she was interested in selling her property for cash. We were able to come to an agreement with Janice after a brief negotiation and provide her with the financial value she felt her home was worth. Here is how she was able to go from a phone call to closing in just a few months.

Janice Owned A Second Home She Was Using For Storage

Like quite a few homeowners, Janice owned a second property that she wasn’t really using much. The property wasn’t being rented out or generating any secondary form of income. In fact, Janice was primarily using it for storage. Even though the property wasn’t being used much, it was still in a very desirable area in Virginia. Janice saw a 4 Brothers Buy Houses commercial one day and decided she wanted to sell.

The Home Hadn’t Been Renovated In Years

The property hadn’t been renovated in years, but it was still in relatively good condition. Janice knew that the property could be sold for a good price on the open market, but she wasn’t interested in going through the lengthy traditional sale process. She wanted to get the money that her home was worth quickly. She knew that by working with 4 Brothers Buy Houses, she could do just that.

We Went From First Contact To Closing In Just A Few Months

One of the biggest draws to selling to 4 Brothers Buy Houses is how quickly you can go from a phone call to under contract, and then from being under contract to closing. Janice was able to go under contract in April and then go to closing in May. The speed of the transaction is really what made her interested in selling to us.

You can sell your property in just a few months, just like Janice did. She went to closing in just a month. Call 4 Brothers Buy Houses, and we’d be happy to talk to you about your home and how you can sell it for cash too. We’ll provide you with a free, no obligation quote. You don’t have to worry about any expensive renovations or repairs. Give us a call today, and we’ll get to work on helping you sell your home. You don’t have to hire a real estate agent or worry about going through a lengthy sale process. You won’t have to showcase your home to dozens of interested buyers. When you work with us, you can sell your home in just a few short months. In this transaction, everyone wins.

September 9, 2020

How You Can Use Instagram To Sell Your Home



Home Selling

More people than ever are using social media in order to sell their homes. Instagram can be a tremendous asset. By engaging with hashtags, utilizing Instagram Stories, and posting quality content, you can attract interested buyers. The key is to post about things that your target audience enjoys, in addition to photos and information about your home.

With the social media boom of the last decade, tens of millions of people across the country are using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter everyday. Instagram has become especially popular as a photo sharing service. But Instagram isn’t just for kids sharing photos of parties. It has increasingly become a platform for shopping for clothes, vehicles, and yes, even houses. Real estate agents and even homeowners themselves have begun using Instagram to reach out to prospective buyers and give interested parties a closer look at their property. Here is how you can use Instagram to help you make a sale.

Don’t Only Post About Your Home

The first rule to having a successful Instagram account is not to be too one dimensional. Your goal may be to sell your property, but to do that, you’ll need to build an audience. And your audience wants diversified content. So that means you may want to add some photos of your community. Add in some pictures of nearby amenities and attractions. Talk some about the nearby schools. Highlight your home, but make sure that you are also talking about the other reasons why someone may want to move into your neighborhood.

Use Hashtags And Stories Effectively

In order to reach your audience, you need to know what they are talking about. Do some research and find out what your target buyers are interested in. Then you can start being active in those hashtags in order to help build your following. You’ll also want to use Instagram Stories effectively. Instagram Stories are short posts that only stay active for 24 hours. These posts are a great way to post short videos and engage with your followers on a more personal level.

Engage With Other Accounts

This one is key. It is good practice to engage with other accounts and to like and share their posts through your stories. Engaging with other accounts encourages them to do the same with your posts. And the more engagement your posts get, the more likely they are to get seen by prospective buyers. You can start by engaging with other local community pages, but you may also want to look at engaging with general real estate pages as well.

Instagram can be a good tool for helping homeowners sell their property. But it can be difficult to learn how to use, especially if you aren’t familiar with social media to begin with. If you don’t want to learn how to use Instagram, you can call 4 Brothers Buy Houses. Our team will help you to sell your property for cash so that you can get the money that you deserve, when you want it. You can avoid the traditional lengthy sale process. When you work with 4 Brothers Buy Houses, you can sell your property in as little as a month. Give us a call today!

September 9, 2020

What New Parents Are Looking For In A Home

Housing Market

Young millennials are becoming dominant players on the housing market. What does that mean for sellers? Well, millennials with kids typically want more rooms, and larger backyards. Millennials with kids are also paying close attention to the local school districts and nearby amenities. These families often want to get into a home quickly and may be willing to make a deal to get the home they want.

With millennials coming into the housing market in increasingly large numbers, it is important for sellers to understand the demographic and what they are looking for. When it comes to millennials with kids, figuring out their wants and needs is a little bit easier. Millennials with children aren’t as worried about the latest style trend. Instead, they are focused on things such as the number of bedrooms in the home and the quality of the schools in the area. Here is what you need to know about what types of homes millennials with children are interested in.

More Bedrooms

Millennials with kids typically aren’t looking for a one bedroom. These buyers are interested in properties with two or more bedrooms, so that they can make sure that their children get their own room to grow up in. If your property has more than one bedroom, you could be at an advantage for selling to millennial homebuyers.

A Bigger Backyard

A big backyard is a big draw because children can play outside. This could also be a space where pets may be living as well. Make sure to showcase your backyard in your online listing. You’ll also want to make sure that your outdoor furniture is clean and that the space isn’t cluttered.

A Focus On Local Schools

You really can’t always control which kinds of schools are around your property. But if you do have good schools around your home, this is something that you should really highlight. Young millennial parents are very concerned about local schools and they will be willing to pay more in order to buy a home that is in a school district with a strong academic reputation. Make sure that you know which schools are located around your property so that you know how to showcase them in your listing.

More Storage Space

Having kids means more toys and trinkets. And those things add up over time. Millennials are looking for a home with extra storage space, like garages and closets, where they can store these things for the long haul. Having extra storage space is definitely a selling point in today’s housing market.

You don’t have to worry about the housing trends of young millennials in order to sell your home. You can sell your property for cash and get the value that you feel you deserve, and do it on your timeline. Once you contact us, we’ll begin the process. You’ll get a free, no obligation quote. If you decide to move forward, we can complete the transaction in as little as a month. That way, you can get your money and move on without the need to complete any costly repairs or renovations. Give us a call today if you are looking to sell your home.

September 9, 2020

How To Get Your Listing Noticed

Housing Solution

How can you get your online home listing noticed? The same way that you would do so in the real world—with curb appeal. A great way to get eyes on your listing is to start with photos of the front yard, and then to move to interior photos of a renovated kitchen or bathroom.

If you are trying to get your online home listing noticed, you need to be creative. Because of the COVID-19 crisis, less people are looking at homes in person. Listing online is the popular move right now. The good news is that your property can still stand out, even if you decide to list it online. You just need to figure out how to attract the attention of prospective buyers. Here is what you can do in order to make sure that people are interested in checking out your property.

Curb Appeal Is Still Key

Curb appeal–how your property looks from the curb–is absolutely critical. If people don’t like how your property looks from the road in real life, they are going to keep driving by. The same thing applies online. If people don’t like how your property looks from the outside, they are going to keep on swiping. You need to make sure that your front yard’s grass has been cut, and that the exterior furniture is clean and uncluttered.

Show Off Renovated Spaces

Buyers love renovated spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you have renovated either of those rooms recently, they need to have a prominent placement in your listing. Let buyers know in the description that you’ve renovated your bathroom or kitchen, and make sure to show off those new stainless steel countertops.

Do You Have A Home Office?

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, more people are working from home than ever. That means that home offices are extremely valuable. One of the best ways to get your listing noticed is to have a home office. Since most homes don’t–this is an extra amenity that can get your property the added attention that you need in order to make a sale.

Have A 3D Online Tour

Several online platforms allow you to upload a 3D tour of your property, which allows prospective buyers to get a feel for how it is to be inside of your home. This can be a great way to showcase smaller spaces like closets and hallways in your home as well, which often don’t get a lot of love in traditional listing photos.

Not interested in listing your property online? Don’t want to work on taking all of those photos? If you don’t want to go through that process, you can call our team at 4 Brothers Buy Houses. We’ll purchase your property for cash, and you don’t have to even think about an online listing. After you call us, we will stop by your property for an evaluation and give you a free, no obligation quote. Avoid the frustration of the traditional home sales process and get the value that you deserve. Give us a call today.

September 9, 2020

What You Need To Know About Housing Supply Going Forward

Housing Supply

There is a housing crunch, with fewer homes than expected hitting the market during the COVID-19 crisis. The shortage is being driven by low-interest rates which increase buyer power, and older couples holding onto their homes while young millennials enter the market looking to buy. Further stimulus could increase the power of buyers even more going forward.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed lives all across the country, right down to the way that homes are bought and sold. In the early days of the crisis, many analysts believed that housing prices would drop precipitously, similar to what happened in the 2008 financial crisis. Instead, housing prices have remained strong. While they have dropped somewhat in major cities, they have risen considerably in suburbs across the US. This result has been driven by low-interest rates, older couples who are remaining in their homes, and young families who are looking to move out of the city and into the suburbs.

Low-Interest Rates Are Shifting The Balance Of Power To Buyers

With the crisis raging, central banks around the world have lowered interest rates. The situation in the US is no different. Low interest rates have made mortgages much cheaper than they have been in recent decades, which makes it easier for first time homebuyers to take the leap. Interest rates are expected to be relatively low for the foreseeable future, especially with the real economy struggling with high unemployment and slower growth. Young homebuyers are expected to continue to take advantage of this, which brings us to our next point.

Older Homeowners Have Less Interest In Selling

Older couples have less interest in leaving their home than ever. The COVID-19 crisis is especially dangerous for the older generation, which is leading them to be less inclined to sell. Millennials are looking to move out of dense cities and to buy in the suburbs. But since there is lower supply because older generations aren’t moving out, prices are increasing. Until the COVID-19 crisis lets up, analysts expect older couples to have less interest in selling. And these families typically have retirement savings and other forms of income to be able to weather the storm even if the economy continues to struggle.

There Has Been Less Home Construction In Recent Years

In the years following the 2008 financial crisis, there has been less home construction. That just increases the supply pressure in the housing market and serves to drive housing prices in the suburbs up even more.

If you are looking to sell your property without the hassle of having to worry about the state of the market, then you are in luck. You can contact our team at 4 Brothers Buy Houses. We can walk you through the process of selling your home for cash, on your timeline. You don’t have to worry about hiring a real estate agent, listing your property on the MLS, or handling any expensive and lengthy renovations. You can sell when you want, and get the money that you deserve. We can come by your property at any time and give you a free, no-obligation quote. Contact us today, and we can get to work.