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November 5, 2021

Selling an Empty House in Bowie MD? Here’s How to Not Lose Money.

Sometimes, sellers are left with no choice but to sell an empty house. Perhaps you inherited a home or already moved your furniture out. Regardless of the circumstances, you’re now left with an empty home to sell. Do these properties tend to take longer to sell? 

The short answer is – yes – empty homes sit on the market longer than ones that are occupied or staged. A study from the Appraisal Institute found that vacant homes sell for 6 percent less than lived-in homes and stayed on the market longer. 

Why Do Empty Homes in Bowie MD Take Longer to Sell? 

There are several reasons why vacant homes don’t sell as quickly. First, when you don’t have any furniture or belongings inside, the home ends up looking dull and boring. It’s hard to stand out when you’re competing with professionally staged homes! 

Second, rooms tend to look smaller when they’re empty. It’s harder for prospective buyers to judge size and evision their furniture in the room. If people can’t picture themselves living in your home, they won’t care to make an offer. 

Lastly, when homes are empty, the flaws are more obvious. It’s not hard to spot knicks on the wall, scratches on the hardwood flooring and dirty light fixtures. Having furniture in the home helps hide some of these flaws so that they don’t discourage buyers.

How to Sell an Empty Home Without Losing Money 

If you have no choice but to sell your Bowie Maryland home without the furniture inside, there are a few things you can do to help it sell faster. 

  • Paint the walls. Choose a neutral paint color like off-white or beige and refresh all of your walls. Also patch up any holes or gouges. 
  • Touch up the baseboards. Although it’s tedious, you might want to paint the baseboards and door trim. Remember, there’s no furniture to cover up the baseboards. 
  • Update the lighting. If your lighting is outdated, install new light fixtures. At the very least, give the fixtures a good cleaning. They’re a lot more noticeable in an empty home. 
  • Focus on your curb appeal. Keep your lawn mowed, paint the shutters, seal the driveway, plant fresh flowers and so forth. If you can’t commit to this, hire a lawn service while your home is on the market. 
  • Give everything a deep cleaning. Since you’re relying on the home to sell itself, make sure all of the fixtures are spotless, including the kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, light fixtures, light switches, walls and appliances. 

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