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Yakima Reservation Hotel

Yakima Reservation Hotel

Tri-Cities has a unique and attractive local scene. They attract a wave of residential movers and tourists who want to enjoy nature and the urban entertainment scene. It is not far-fetched to plan a casino trip and have a limo ferry you to a wine tour the following day. The classic town has an abundance of party scenes and deserves more than a day trip if you want to feel every pulse of the fun.

Reasons to book your accommodation with us

Tight security

Many people have serious concerns about their security when they travel abroad. People want to feel secure, especially when they are risking a fortune in a casino. People who visit Tri-Cities for a feel of the nightlife could benefit from booking a room in Yakima WA hotels. Casinos are conscious of the type of money that floats around their premises and employ the best staff and technology to tighten security everywhere. Trust us to maintain the same level of security all around the hotel, so you are free to roam around, meet people, engage in different activities, and return to your room feeling safe.

Entertainment options

A significant reason that people stay in Casino rooms is they want easy access to the games and social scene. They want to find their fun, drinks, and foods from the same place, all while engaging in all kinds of things like swimming, water parks, and nightclubs. We have several gaming, dining, and events within our building or nearby. The advantage of booking a room with Yakima motels is we can synchronize all these activities with in-house logistics and customer support. Additionally, people who book the events with our motels in Yakima can return their tickets afterward for a refund.

Affordable stays

The features and amenities of your accommodation should not cost you the entire trip’s budget. It is prudent to stay with a hotel that considers everything and offers channels for you to save money while staying in their room. We offer several free activities and events to our in-house clients, including amenities like a gym, free event tickets, and select meal plans. The cost of staying in our Yakima reservation hotel will be worthwhile if you live up to the full potential of our luxurious amenities.

It is a stand-alone attraction.

As stated earlier, our casino doubles as an entertainment and dining spot. The presence of multiple events and dining settings makes it trendy for the young or senior person who wants to exhaust their booking fee and access attractive touristic activities in the area. Yakima reservation hotel is a hotspot for many different activities, including golf courses, sports complexes, parks, and wine vineyards, among many more.


Casino hotels in Yakima WA are one of the best ways to earn awards like free rooms and unique souvenirs. We have a rewarding system that offers gifts to people who meet certain conditions while playing games at Legends. You can redeem these points at the gift shop, dining, accommodation, events, among other options. Contact us online or call (1-877-7COME11 --- Local: 509-865-8800) for more information on any of our Yakima hotels and casinos services.


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