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    5 Spring Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

    April 8, 2020

April 8, 2020

5 Spring Cleaning And Maintenance Tips

We’re in the middle of the spring, and that means focusing on spring cleaning and maintenance. This is especially key for those families who are looking to sell their properties in the coming months. You want to make sure that your property is looking top notch, and that starts with how you spruce up your home after the snow and sleet of the winter. Spring is the season for renewal, so here is how you can get your home back to feeling like it is full of vibrance and life: 

Keep Both Sides Of The Windows Washed

Keeping your windows free of marks and smudges can actually go a long way towards improving your home’s appeal. Luckily, cleaning your windows is easy. You can make a solution with just water and vinegar. You can apply the solution to the interior and exterior of your windows and then rub it down with a sponge or cloth. 

Consider Having The Carpets Deep Cleaned

Vacuuming is nice, but it doesn’t get all of the debris out of your carpet. Doing a deep cleaning once a year is great to make sure all of the spills, debris, and dust are fully removed from your carpet. You can either work with a carpet cleaning company or rent a carpet cleaner locally to get the clean your carpet deserves.

Check The Roof For Potential Damage From The Winter

Roof damage can get very expensive very fast. And it is most likely to occur during the winter months. Make sure that your roof doesn’t have any issues after the winter by getting a ladder and during a visual inspection. If you can’t do that safely, you may want to call a roofing company to do an inspection for you.

Brush Off Your Outdoor Furniture

This is the time to get your outdoor furniture ready to be used again. The winter months are over and the snow is gone. Getting your front porch and patio ready to be living spaces again is key for not only your own leisure during the spring and summer months, but also for increasing your property’s value for prospective buyers. Potential buyers want to see if your property has spaces that they can enjoy during the warm months, and patios can really attract buyers.

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