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Jon went to Wake Forest University in North Carolina and majored in Business.  After graduation he moved to Arlington, VA and took a job with a management consulting company called Corporate Executive Board- working his way up to managing a large sales team. After discovering real estate in 2009 with his purchase of a property in Arlington, he became passionate about real estate and left shortly thereafter to start 4 Brothers Buy Houses.

He’s bought and sold more than 130 properties since 2010 all over the Washington, DC Area. He’s also a licensed Realtor in MD, DC, and VA, and has worked with many buyers and sellers since that time.  – Linkedin Profile

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Kevin went to Wake Forest University in North Carolina majoring in Political Science. In 2004, he moved to Arlington, VA and in the following years worked at Merrill Lynch before attending law school at the Catholic University of America. After practicing law for six years, Kevin teamed up with Jonathan, his long-time friend from college, at 4 Brothers Buy Houses. Since joining, Jonathan and Kevin have continued to buy and sell houses as investors.

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Tom went to Binghamton University in Upstate NY and majored in Business. After graduation moved to Arlington, VA with his twin brother Matt to work at the same company as his older brother, Jon- Corporate Executive Board. He started as an inside sales rep and quickly worked his way up to Sales Associate Director. He joined 4 Brothers Buy Houses shortly after it started in 2009.

Tom is the companies CFO. He’s responsible for handling all the financials and deal financing. Along with working with Jon at 4 Brothers Buy Houses, Tom also runs a successful property management company based out of Washington, DC. He also prepares our presentations to outside investors. He enjoys espresso and traveling to other countries. He lives with his wife in Arlington, VA.

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Head of Property Management

Matt went to Binghamton University in Upstate NY and majored in Business. After graduation moved to Arlington, VA with his twin brother Tom to work at Corporate Executive Board.

After a few years there he started a property management company with Tom. He is responsible for property management of our rental properties in the DC area and Upstate NY. He has 4 years of property management experience and has a passion for maximizing the return on our real estate investments. He lives in Capitol Hill, DC with his wife and dog, Lucy.

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Richard Crosswell


Richard has an extensive marketing, sales and operations background at various large companies. He’s from Dallas, and joins 4 Brothers as their Chief Operating Officer.

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Andrew Griffith

Inside Sales Manager

Andrew went to the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA and double majored in Economics and Government. He joined 4 Brothers Buy Houses as an inside sales associate right out of college. He had previously worked for an investor, where he researched distressed multifamily properties. At 4 Brothers, he handles all incoming inquiries from sellers, and is in charge of setting appointments and making sure they are completed smoothly. Andrew lives in Arlington, VA.

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Lauren Schmidt

Accounting/HR Manager

Lauren attended Rutgers University in New Jersey and majored in English. After graduation she moved to Arlington, VA to work at Corporate Executive Board with Jon and his brothers. During her nearly decade-long career there, Lauren held a variety of different roles but primarily focused on sales and marketing consulting. She had been involved with 4 Brothers Buy Houses for several years and in 2018 joined the team full-time to help manage operations as the business continues to grow.

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Kim Gram

Director of Operations

Kim joined 4 Brothers Buy Houses in May 2019 as a transaction coordinator and brings with her many years of management experience in the financial services industry. When she isn’t working on the details to ensure a smooth transaction she enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with her husband and teenage daughters. Kim lives in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

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Amber Hayden

Disposition Manager

Amber is a University of Kentucky graduate, parent of Jacob, Kayleigh, Ireland, Tristan, and Eli, enjoys traveling with her husband, and spending time with her dogs Bella, Finn, and Coco. After college, Amber attended a Criminal Justice Training Program at Eastern Kentucky University before serving 5 years as a Kentucky State Police Emergency Dispatcher. For the past decade, Amber worked as a sales and marketing manager for several nationally operated corporations. In August 2020 Amber joined the 4 Brothers Buy Houses team where she manages relationships with our investors and developer partners as well as local real estate agents.

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Kayla Cheney

Acquisitions Manager

Kayla attended Ohio University and majored in communications. After graduating from college, she worked as a supervisor for Spectrum Communications for four years. She joined the 4 Brothers team in 2019 assisting in acquisitions with commercial properties, before transferring solely to residential properties. Kayla manages our relationships with other investors and realtors. In her free time, she loves to go on adventures with her husband Chris, son Leo, and stepson Christian; while also enjoying snuggles from her two cats, Desmond and Merlin.

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Ryan Horseman

Acquisitions Manager

Ryan joined the 4 Brothers team in the fall of 2018 shortly after graduating Salisbury University. Ryan played Baseball at Salisbury and graduated with a major in Marketing and a Sales minor. Since joining 4 Brothers Ryan has worked in both inside and outside sales roles. He has experience with acquisitions of commercial, multi-family and residential properties.

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Sara Baker
Assistant Transaction Coordinator

Sara handles all our wholesale transaction marketing and front end management for all of our real estate deals. She is responsible for our advertising and helping ensure all paperwork is completed correctly before turning it over to the title company.

She’s a master of the ‘detail stuff’ and helps make sure everything is done correctly.

Here’s a Little About The Company

We’ve been passionate about real estate since buying our first property at the bottom of the latest real estate cycle, in 2009. As we gained experience living in 1 unit of that property and renting the other unit out, we saw what a great opportunity real estate could be to start a profitable business, while also providing quality housing.

Since we didn’t have formal training or a background in real estate, we learned by reading lots of books, listening to lots podcasts, and otherwise consuming as much information as we could. After a short time educating ourselves and meeting other local real estate investors, we made friends with local investors who helped us learn how renovate properties and sell for a profit. After working in partnership with other investors for a couple of years, we went out on our own.

We love the business of real estate and the opportunity to help sellers who sometimes are in difficult situations sell their properties quickly and easily.

For many people selling the traditional way, with a Realtor, is a good option. But for some, they’re willing to accept slightly less than they’d get with a Realtor in exchange for an easy sale. Some sellers want to avoid having to deal with the hassle of getting their house ready for the market and having lots of buyers walking through their property. They’d rather deal with a private buyer who can buy their house the first time they meet with them.

We offer that alternative to sellers and look forward to doing it for many years to come.

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Al Young
21:38 30 Jan 18
4 Brothers made selling my house very easy. I gave them a call and they came out and took a look at my house, and we were able to agree to a price and closing date right there and then. They were able to work around when I needed to close, and even let me stay in the house for two weeks after closing, until I was able to move to my new place.
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Sidney Wessel
15:45 19 Jan 18
I had a great experience working with Jon to sell my house in Northern VA. From the time I initially called in, to the time I sold the house and got my money was less than a month. They were accommodating with my needs and were upfront about the process. I definitely recommend giving them a call if you are looking for a way to sell your house quickly and easily.
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Al Melnick
00:41 06 Oct 17
When I inherited my mother's house in Silver Spring I contacted a number of investors about selling it. In fact I had it under contract with another investor who ended up not actually going through with buying the house. I contacted Jon to have him come out and give me a price. We worked everything out while he was there on a pretty simple contract form. He gave me the 2 months I needed to clear out the house. And went to closing exactly when he said we would. It was a pretty easy and painless process.
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Jack Murray
01:11 15 Nov 17
I recently did my first deal with Jon and I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism. He was prompt with his responses, and provided me with pertinent information in a timely manner. I would highly recommend doing business with Jon and 4 Brothers, as they exemplify the way businesses should be run.
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Greg Norman
16:11 08 Oct 17
I've done business with Jon for years. He is someone I would feel extremely comfortable trusting helping me make the best decision with the biggest financial asset a typical person makes in their life... dealing with a house. His knowledge of real estate sales and renovations exceeds that of most agents and general contractors who deal with only one of those aspects of the business. He is a true professional.
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Darrell Blakeway
17:16 09 Aug 18
I worked with 4Brothers to sell the house of a client for whom I had power of attorney. House was quite run-down, so didn't try to use realtor. My interaction with 4Bros employees and reps was completely satisfactory. No problems at all.
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Michael Moulton
02:50 12 Oct 18
Jon and his team exceeded my expectations when buying my row house. I needed a quick solution at a fair price and that is what they provided. I highly recommend their services.
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Nathan Brooks
19:42 11 Oct 18
These guys are the real deal. Professional. Easy to work with. And world class at what they do. Thanks for being "the real deal!"
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Jason Boring
22:26 05 Mar 19
My experience with Four Brothers was very satisfactory. Kevin in particular was a wonderful resource. He spent a lot of time with me - I was nervous about selling, but he made it easy and comfortable. I know who I would call if I sold another house.
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Morris Beverage
04:20 27 Feb 19
My experience with Four Brothers was excellent. Kevin was a tremendous resource, knowledgeable, and did everything he said he would do. These guys are the real deal. Use them.
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Cromardie Smoot
04:34 27 Feb 19
If you're looking to sell your house for cash, these are the guys to go with. Kevin and Jon have a great team. A++
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joyce crowder
23:25 09 May 19
My husband and I lived in a three bedroom home, that need a lot of work and was draining our bank account . We reached out to 4brothers buy houses. Kevin came out made us an offer that was fair, we sold as is . They helped with our relocation to a one bedroom condo and helped us close on both properties at the same title company on the same day. I have told my friends and family about this company.
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Robert Baldwin
18:01 17 Mar 21
Kevin,Kim,John, made selling my parents estate painless and worry free. They come to your home and truly do offer you the best deal. No run around or hassle.Easiest transaction I have ever made. They genuinely care and always there to support you through the process. I can't thank them enough. I recommend them to everyone and you should look them up ,you will not find a better group of people.
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Joni Canfield
23:08 21 Jan 21
Working with 4 Brothers was a dream! They were responsive, sensitive and respectful of my situation (having recently become a widow), and made me a fair offer. They informed my every step of the way what to expect, and the speed at which we went from start to finish was amazing - 5 weeks from meeting to my receiving payment on the sale! I have to also mention that they sent a notary to my house for signing, and someone else to pick up the key. They could not have made the experience easier. Clearly 4 Brothers take great pride in what they do, and value customer service. I have no hesitation in recommending them, they are truly a 5 star company! Thanks, 4 Brothers! Joni C.
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Shaina Silvers
04:40 24 Feb 21
Excellent experience selling my home to 4 Brothers. They made the whole process easy and straight forward. Everyone I interacted with, starting with Kevin Link and ending with Kim Gram, was professional, ethical and conscientious. They even offered moving assistance to my new home. I highly recommend 4 Brothers to anyone considering selling their home.
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Vanessa Thomas
13:54 19 Jan 21
This was the most transparent and seamless experience I've ever had with any business transaction. The coordinator, Kim, was amazing. She always responded to my questions promptly and if she could not answer she copied someone who could. The settlement took less than 30 minutes because I received all the paperwork in advance of the meeting. I choose to have ACH deposit and the deposit was made in less than 24 hours. Great experience!
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