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February 24, 2023

Pros and Cons of Using National Real Estate Websites to Sell Your House

National real estate websites like Trulia, Zillow and Redfin are popular for prospective house buyers – and for all the right reasons. The information is easily accessible and updated in real-time, and buyers are able to get all the information they need in one visit: property photos and details, sale and tax history, public facts, schools and more.

Aside from the MLS listings that a realtor might provide, it’s real estate websites that people trust first. For sellers, these websites also offer advantages. They give sellers exposure and free, no obligation listings. Redfin, for example, states that their homes sell for $1,600 more and sell 5 days faster than comparable homes listed by other brokerages. 

If you’re hoping to sell your house quickly and for top dollar, you’re probably tempted to consider a national real estate website. Let’s cover the pros and cons to expect so that you can make an informed decision. 

The Pros 

If you’re thinking about listing your house for sale, here are some benefits you can expect when you list on a national real estate website. 

  • Exposure. Real estate sites rank at the top of real estate-related web searches. In other words, millions of people visit these sites every day. This means you’ll have a lot of eyes on your property. 
  • Low commission. Sites like Redfin provide ‘agents’ that are significantly less than paying a realtor. Average realtor commissions are between 5 and 6 percent, while online agents are around 2 and 3 percent. 
  • Transparent. Listing with a real estate site also offers some type of dashboard that allows you to track how many people are looking at your home, and what your agent is doing to get it sold. 

The Cons 

While real estate websites have their benefits, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. 

  • Less dedicated support. While it’s nice to save on commission, you’re also paying for what you get. Some people have reported uneven service quality and overextended agents. 
  • Harder to sell fixer uppers. If you have a fixer upper to sell, it’s going to be difficult on a real estate website. People using these sites are generally looking for move-in ready homes. Be prepared for low-ball offers. 
  • Poor communication. People often report problems with communication. That’s because much of the work is delegated to the sales team, not the agent, which can make communication more frustrating. 

Have a Fixer Upper? Need to Sell Fast?  Sell Your House for Cash! 

If you haven’t considered selling your house for cash before, now is the time to do so! 4 Brothers Buy Houses pays cash for homes and closes in just a couple of weeks. The transaction is between you and us, so communication is fast and direct. 

We charge NO commissions, NO fees and pick up most closing costs. We also don’t require an appraisal or inspection, allowing you to keep the full cash offer and move quickly. To find out if this is the best option for you, give our team of cash buyers a call today. You’ll get one fair cash offer instead of a bunch of low-ball offers! 

February 15, 2023

What is the Real Estate Commission in Washington DC?

If you plan on working with a real estate agent to sell your Washington DC house, be prepared to pay realtor fees. A realtor can help stage your house, list it on the MLS and show it to prospective buyers. They can also help determine the best price for your house. But just like any other service, realtors do charge fees. 

Only a small number of realtors work on salary, which means the majority work on commission. At one time, the going rate for a real estate agent was 6 percent, split between the buyer’s agent and the seller’s agent. Today, commissions typically run between 5 and 6 percent, with some room to negotiate. 

Let’s learn more about what the going rate for a realtor in Washington DC is and how to sell your home with realtor fees. 

Realtor Commissions in the DC Area 

The average real estate commission in Washington DC is around 5 percent. Some realtors charge more and some charge less, but overall, you can expect to pay around 5 percent of the purchase price of your home. So, if you plan on selling a house that’s worth $300,000, you’ll pay $15,000 in realtor fees. 

While this might seem like a lot, keep in mind that you’re getting a lot of services from your realtor. They will determine a fair price for your home, plus help you get it ready to sell. They will also be responsible for listing the house, marketing it and doing showings. 

If you have a home that’s in good condition and located in a desirable area, you should make enough from the sale to pay your realtor. If you have a fixer upper in DC or are behind on your mortgage payments, you might not make enough from the sale. In this case, you may have to explore other options. 

Can I Sell My DC House without a Realtor? 

If you don’t care to work with a realtor, you can sell your house by owner, utilize a broker on a real estate website like Redfin or sell your house for cash. There are pros and cons to each scenario. 

Again, as long as your home is an easy sell (good condition, desirable location), you can likely do a For Sale By Owner transaction. But be prepared to do all the heavy lifting, which includes listing the property, handling the showings, reviewing paperwork and negotiating. 

Selling on a real estate website like Redfin can help with some of this, but you will still be paying realtor fees and getting less dedicated support. A better option, depending on your situation, may be to sell your DC house for cash

When you sell to the cash buyers at 4 Brothers Buy Houses, you don’t have to worry about paying any commissions or fees! We will make a fair cash offer on your home, and if you accept, you get to keep it all! We require no appraisal or inspection, and we cover most closing costs. 

Furthermore, because we’re buying your home as-is, you’re not responsible for making repairs or improvements. We’ll take your home in its current condition and you get to close in just two weeks! To get a free cash offer on your DC home, contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses today. 

February 5, 2023

Should I Sell My Glen Burnie MD House this Spring?

Spring is synonymous with many things – fresh air, longer days, birds chirping and finally some color on the trees! Another thing that spring is known for is boosting the housing market. This time of year is considered ideal for selling a property because it’s when the largest number of buyers are actively searching for a new home. 

If you have a property in Glen Burnie MD to sell, should you list it this spring? Or should you wait? Even though spring is traditionally when the housing market is most active, this year is looking a bit different with high interest rates and low inventory. Let’s explore this in more detail and the best options you have for a quick and efficient spring home sale. 

What Does the Current Housing Market Look Like in Glen Burnie? 

We have good news for those who have a property to sell in Glen Burnie. This suburb of Baltimore is relatively quiet and peaceful, with above-average public schools and affordable homes. People continue to move here because it’s close to the major cities but still offers a small-town feel. 

With this in mind, the housing market in Glen Burnie is competitive. According to Redfin data, Glen Burnie home prices were up nearly 13.4 percent in January 2023, selling for a median price of $355,000. While these numbers are down from last year at this time, they are still strong, with houses staying on the market for around 37 days. 

Benefits of Selling Your Glen Burnie Property this Spring 

If you are thinking about selling your house, 4 Brothers Buy Houses can help! We’ll give you a free, no obligation cash offer so that you can make an informed decision. The benefit in selling your house to us is that we will buy your property in as-is condition – no contingencies! 

Our cash buyers do not require an appraisal, inspection or repairs. You get to keep the full offer, and we usually pick up most closing costs. Selling a house for cash isn’t right for everyone, but it could be right for you if you: 

  • Have a fixer upper 
  • Are behind on your mortgage payments 
  • Need to move quickly 
  • Are going through a separation or divorce 
  • Have inherited a property
  • Can’t afford to make the repairs your home needs 
  • Need fast cash 

Get in touch with our cash buyers if you want an offer on your property. There is no obligation to continue – this is simply for informational purposes! Many sellers find that it’s actually cheaper to sell their homes this way instead of with a realtor. Contact us today to see if the same is true for you! 

January 24, 2023

Is Spring the Best Time to Sell a House in D.C.?

Historically, spring is known as the best time to sell a house in Washington DC. The National Association of Realtors named mid-April specifically as the optimal time to sell a property. But with so many uncertainties – rising mortgage rates, high inflation, low inventory – you might not want to wait until spring to list your home for sale. 

The good news is that you have options – probably more than you think! You can go ahead and list your property in the spring, especially if you need time to prepare and want to wait for the market to heat up. You can also consider an alternative option like selling your D.C. house for cash. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong decision – the goal is to sell your house quickly and for the most money. 

Why is Spring Usually the Best Time to Sell a House? 

Homes that are listed at the end of spring and beginning of summer tend to sell faster and for a higher price. There are a number of reasons why this is the case: 

  • Better weather. After being cooped up all winter, people are ready to get out and start looking at homes in the spring. Plus, if they do find a house they like, moving in the spring is better than moving in the winter. 
  • More money. Because there are more people looking for homes in the spring, the competition is high, and this can result in a bigger offer. Some areas in D.C. still have low inventory, so some sellers are still seeing multiple bids. 
  • Improved curb appeal. The winter months in D.C. aren’t exactly the prettiest. But come spring, everything is coming in – blooming flowers, leafy trees and green lawns. This makes homes stand out! 

What if I Don’t Want to Wait Until Spring to Sell? 

While it might look good on paper to sell your house in the late spring or early summer, this may not be in your best interests. For every month that you keep your home, you are responsible for paying the principal, interest, property taxes and utilities. You are also responsible for maintaining the home. 

If you’re not in a position to do this, selling your D.C. house for cash is likely the better option. 4 Brothers Buy Houses is a home buying company that purchases properties all over Washington D.C. We always make fair offers that reflect the condition, location and size of the home. If you accept the offer, we can typically close in about two weeks. 

Furthermore, our cash house buyers in D.C. require no contingencies. There are no appraisals, inspections, repairs or cleaning you’ll have to do. The transaction is simple and straightforward. If you don’t want to wait till spring to sell your house, selling for cash can be a great alternative! Contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses for your free cash offer! 

January 15, 2023

How the COVID Pandemic Has Impacted the Housing Market for Baby Boomers

Downsizing to a smaller home means less upkeep, lower bills and more time to do the things you love. However, downsizing isn’t the cash grab it used to be. With higher home prices, rising mortgage rates and costly moving services, some baby boomers are choosing to upgrade their homes rather than downsize them. 

Let’s learn more about how the COVID pandemic has impacted the housing market for baby boomers so that you can reassess your next chapter! 

Greater need for in-home offices. 

Even though baby boomers are of retirement age, many are still in the workforce. According to reports, almost half of baby boomers are still working past age 70. This generation sees working longer as the key to a secure retirement. 

The good news is that many older adults are able to work from home. The pandemic pushed this trend forward, and it actually turned out to be a smart and profitable decision for many businesses. As a result, some older adults want homes that can accommodate an in-home office, preferably on the first floor. 

Need for more space, not less. 

Zillow research found that nearly three million young adults moved back home during the pandemic. That likely delayed downsizing plans for some older adults who suddenly had a full house again. Even though many young people are now moving out, this has changed the way people look at their homes. 

Instead of downsizing, some older adults have decided to remodel their homes or buy a new home with an open floor plan and extra bedrooms. This way, the home is easier to maintain but still offers enough room for adult children to stay. 

Desire for an easier commute. 

With so many baby boomers in the workforce, it’s not uncommon for them to drive to work at least some of the time. But with rising gas prices, higher car prices and increasing interest rates, people are rethinking their commutes. 

For instance, we’re seeing more older adults move to new homes to enjoy a shorter commute. This saves money, alleviates stress and puts more money in their pockets. It also makes it easier to work longer, something that is important to boomers. 

Accommodate changing lifestyles.  

Realizing that life is precious and uncertain, older adults are rethinking their idea of ‘home.’ Many are choosing to move closer to their grandchildren, while others want a space that accommodates their interests – a large yard for gardening or a library for reading, for example. This is also a good time to choose a property that is one level and easier to maintain. 

As you can see, older adults are still moving, but they might not be as interested in downsizing as they once were. If you are thinking about selling the family home, contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses for a free cash offer. The cash you receive will make it easier to buy a home that is conducive to your current lifestyle. 

January 8, 2023

When Should Retirees in Arlington VA Downsize Their Homes?

Are you thinking about downsizing your Arlington home now that you are retired? This could be a good option, as it can free up some cash and better accommodate your needs. If your current house has three levels and lots of stairs, for instance, it won’t be as easy to live in as a one-story house. Same with older homes. They need a lot of maintenance, whereas a newer build will not. 

Making the decision to downsize is only half the battle, though. You then have to decide where you want to live. Some retirees in Arlington choose to leave behind the winter storms and settle in a warmer state like Florida or Arizona. Others stay in Virginia, but choose a senior living community or one-level home that’s easier to maintain. 

Below are some factors to consider when downsizing your home. Downsizing is both an emotional and financial decision, so it’s important to look at things holistically. To help you, 4 Brothers Buy Houses offers free, no obligation cash offers. This way, you can determine how much you’ll get from selling your Arlington house for cash. 

When to Downsize to a Smaller Home 

Your home no longer fits your needs. 

Many retirees consider a move when their home becomes filled with memories instead of people. While it can be hard to let the family home go, there’s also no need to keep a large property with a big yard. This is a lot to pay for and maintain. The money you save by moving to a smaller home can be used to pay for family vacations, taking care of grandchildren, traveling and more. 

You are feeling overwhelmed with home maintenance. 

Another sign it may be time to downsize is feeling overwhelmed with the maintenance your property needs. Over time, houses need a lot of work. From day-to-day maintenance like mowing the lawn and shoveling snow, to essential repairs and upgrades, the average homeowner spends thousands on home maintenance! 

If your home has become too much to handle, it’s a definite sign that you’re ready for something smaller and more manageable. And if you buy a new house in Arlington, you can enjoy everything being new, which means far less work for you! 

Your housing expenses are becoming unmanageable. 

Once you’re on a fixed income, you’ll need to follow a strict budget. However, it’s possible that your home will become difficult to afford with rising taxes and insurance rates. Living in a smaller home can free up cash and make it easier to enjoy your life. Instead of paying a high mortgage, you can use this money for traveling, entertainment and maintaining your new home. 

You are ready for something new. 

Selling the family home can be difficult, but you are also facing a new chapter in your life. You likely bought your home when your family was young and you needed lots of space. But now, you need a house that is streamlined and easy to maintain. And, don’t be afraid to spoil yourself with upgrades like walk-in closets, a barrier-free shower, a large kitchen island for entertaining, a butler’s pantry and an open floor plan. 

If you are thinking about downsizing your home in Arlington, contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses for a cash offer. We always pay a fair price for the houses we buy – and we can have everything done in about two weeks! 

December 30, 2022

Reverse Mortgage vs Selling Your Maryland Home

Retirement is an exciting time in a person’s life, but there are also concerns over how to maintain the same lifestyle. Some older adults consider taking out a reverse mortgage so that they can stay in their home and/or sustain their same life. But is a reverse mortgage really the best option? 

When considering whether or not to take out a reverse mortgage, there are pros and cons to be aware of. Let’s cover what they are, and why selling your house for cash in Maryland might be the better option. 

What are the Pros to a Reverse Mortgage? 

A reverse mortgage is a loan borrowed against the equity you have in your home. Instead of paying the bank each month to build up equity, the bank pays you in a series of installments. Reverse mortgages work well for paying off debt or covering home improvements.

The advantages to a reverse mortgage are: 

  • You can stay in your current home, though you will be responsible for maintaining the home and keeping current with property taxes and homeowners insurance.
  • You can increase your cash flow in a variety of formats: a lump sum, monthly payments or a line of credit. This way, you can sustain your lifestyle, travel or pay your medical bills. 
  • You can make improvements around the home so that it’s more conducive to aging in place, or tackle projects that you didn’t get to years ago. 

What are the Cons to a Reverse Mortgage? 

Even though a reverse mortgage can give you additional income during your retirement years, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. 

  • You’re still responsible for maintaining the home, which can become more difficult as you age.
  • There are several costs associated with taking out a reverse mortgage such as origination, appraisal, title and insurance fees. These fees can be rolled into your loan or paid out of pocket. 
  • The loan must be paid back. This typically happens when you go to sell your home – you can use the proceeds to pay back the lender. 

When Selling Your Maryland Home is the Best Option

If you need extra cash and/or want to maintain your same lifestyle, selling your house for cash may be the better option. You won’t get to keep your home, but you can buy something that’s smaller and easier to maintain. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about using the money for repairs or maintenance, and you can even set money aside as an inheritance for your adult children. 

4 Brothers Buy Houses buy homes throughout Maryland. We will provide you with a free, no obligation offer, and if you accept, we can close in about two weeks. We purchase homes as-is, so there is no need to worry about appraisals, inspections, repairs, closing fees and more. The transaction is direct and between you and us! 

To get a free cash offer on your Maryland property, contact our cash buyers today! You can then see if a cash sale is the best option for your retirement. 

December 20, 2022

Yes, 2023 Will Still be a Good Time to Sell Your House in Virginia

Deciding whether you should sell your home or wait always deserves careful attention. There are a number of factors that influence this decision – some are in your control and others are not. For example, people are motivated to sell their homes when they know they can get a good offer, which is driven by high demand and low inventory. 

But even if the market is in favor of buyers, you may still have no choice but to sell due to a new job or family illness. In this case, you’ll want to research your options and sell your property in the most convenient and economical way, whether it’s listing with an agent, selling on your own or working with a cash buyer in Virginia

The good news is that no matter what you are facing in 2023, it will still be a good time to sell. There are predictions for a housing crash and economic recession, but people are still upsizing, downsizing and relocating. Here are three good reasons why 2023 will be a good time to sell. 

Demand Far Exceeds Supply 

In October, there were over 25,000 homes available in Virginia, down 24 percent year over year. This means that there are still less homes on the market compared to other years. There are also plenty of buyers looking for homes to buy, so if you have a desirable property, you should have no trouble selling it. You may even get several bids, driving up the price! 

However, if your house is not in the best condition, you could have trouble selling it. Even though there are more buyers than houses, people still prefer homes in good condition. A property that requires extensive repairs and updates will have to be sold at a deeply discounted price. In this case, you’re probably better off selling to a cash investor.

Interest Rates are Still Low

Yes, interest rates are still much higher than what we’ve seen in recent years, but they are still lower than the 7.76 percent average. Rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage are around 6 percent, and slightly less for a 15-year fixed rate. While these interest rates have pushed some people out of the housing market, they are not high enough to keep serious buyers out. 

Not to mention, there’s a possibility that interest rates can continue climbing. In 1981, for example, interest rates were a whopping 16.63 percent, according to Freddie Mac data. For those who are looking to buy, today’s interest rates are still reasonable. 

Appreciation is Still Growing 

The first quarter of 2022 brought double-digit appreciation to home values. While the rate of appreciation is expected to slow at the end of the year and into 2023, it’s not expected to reverse, and that’s a good thing. This means that you can sell your house in Virginia for more money, and walk away with more in your pocket even after paying all your fees! 

Of course, if you want to avoid paying realtor commissions, listing fees, staging costs, etc., you can sell your house for cash! There are absolutely no fees associated with this type of sale, which means you get to keep your full cash offer! 

These are three great reasons why selling your house in 2023 will still be worthwhile. The market may not be as competitive as it was earlier this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to sell. The key is choosing the best method to sell and finding the right buyer. Fortunately, you can do both with 4 Brothers Buy Houses. Request your free cash offer today! 

December 7, 2022

5 Options When You’ve Fallen Behind On Your Mortgage Payments

When you’re facing financial hardship, it’s easy to fall behind on your mortgage payments. This is probably the biggest bill you have to pay each month, so it’s a problem when you don’t have enough income coming in. And once you skip a mortgage payment, the late fees start adding up. 

Fortunately, you do have options, but you’ll need to act fast. The longer you go without paying your mortgage in Maryland, the closer you get to foreclosure. Below are five ways to catch up on your mortgage if you’re behind on your payments. 


Forbearance is best for people who are facing a temporary financial hardship or loss of income. It places your mortgage on hold, typically for six months. During the forbearance period, it shows that you are current on your mortgage. You will then catch up on the payments through a lump sum or installments. The downsides to forbearance is that you stretch out your mortgage term and pay more in interest.

Loan Modification 

A loan modification is a good option for people who have the money to resume their mortgage payments but need help catching up. It is similar to refinancing because you can get a new loan with a longer term or a lower interest rate. However, a loan modification allows you to avoid higher interest rates and closing costs, and brings you to a payment that you can afford. You’ll typically have to prove a financial or personal hardship to qualify. 

Repayment Plan 

Another option you might have is a repayment plan, which allows you to repay your lender the money that you owe in a series of installments. Your lender will have to approve this, and you’ll have to show that your income is stable. Typically, lenders will take the past due amount and spread it out over several months. Again, you’ll need to have a stable income and be able to afford your payments to make this work. 

Reduce Your Monthly Payment 

You can also try cutting down your monthly payment by lowering your taxes and homeowners insurance. The trouble with this approach is that it probably won’t reduce your monthly payments by that much. Nevertheless, it can be a way to keep your home and afford your mortgage payments. For example, once you establish 20 percent equity in your home, you can remove private mortgage insurance (PMI). 

Sell the House 

What if you are behind on your payments and you don’t want to keep your home? You can sell your house in Maryland. A great option is to do a cash sale. With this arrangement, you sell your house for cash and use the money to pay back the lender. Depending on how much you owe on the house, you may even be able to walk away with money in your pocket! 

Cash sales also offer other advantages: 

  • Sell in just two weeks or less 
  • Pay no realtor commissions 
  • Pay little or no closing costs 
  • Avoid a home appraisal and inspection 
  • Work directly with the buyer – no middlemen 
  • Sell house in its current condition 
  • Get cash wired to you at closing 

To get a free cash offer on your house, contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses today. As long as your home hasn’t gone into foreclosure, you can sell it to us, and we’ll pay you in cash! You can then use this money to pay back your lender and start fresh! We buy houses all over Maryland, as well as Washington DC and Virginia! 

November 25, 2022

Sell Your Washington DC House for Cash in 4 Easy Steps!

Are you interested in selling your Washington DC house? If so, you have a number of different options to get your property sold. You can list your house for sale with a realtor, sell it on your own or work with a cash home buying company like 4 Brothers Buy Houses. While there are benefits to each method, more people are choosing to sell their houses for cash. 

With a cash sale, you can sell your house quickly and move out in just weeks! It’s also a ‘clean’ sale, meaning that the transaction is between you and the buyers. There are no middlemen, like banks, lenders, appraisers or inspectors, which means you can negotiate directly with the buyer. 

We’ll show you how easy it is to sell your Washington DC house for cash! Follow these steps and you can be walking away with money in your pocket in just a few short weeks! 

Step 1: Get in Contact with Cash Home Buyers 

The first step is to get in contact with a home buying company. We recommend choosing a local company that is familiar with your market. They’ll be able to schedule a time to come out, look at your house and make a fair offer. In the meantime, you can tell them some information about your property, such as its condition, location and your reason for selling. 

Step 2: Schedule a Walkthrough 

4 Brothers Buy Houses does a quick 5-minute walkthrough. This is not a showing, so you don’t have to worry about straightening up or cleaning. We just want to see what we’ll be buying, the type of work that needs to be done and the unique advantages of your property. This is how you also get the most money for your house, as pictures typically don’t do homes justice.

Step 3: Receive Your No-Obligation Cash Offer 

Once the cash buyers have a chance to look at your property, they can make you a firm offer. Some companies will give you a preliminary offer and then make it firm once they see the property. Others do everything at once. When you receive the offer, you’ll have time to make a decision. We always tell sellers to weigh all the costs of selling their home the traditional way and compare this to the cash offer. In many cases, the cash offer is better! 

Step 4: Schedule Closing 

Another benefit in choosing a local home buying company is that you get to close at a local title company. Nowadays, many people are able to close at home by signing documents online. But it’s nice to know that the closing will take place in about two weeks or so at a local title company – and you can attend if you would like. 

If you’re ready to sell your Washington DC house for cash, the first step is to contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses. Our experienced cash buyers will offer top dollar for your property, and we’ll make the process seamless and stress free. Get your free, no obligation cash offer today and see what we’ll pay for your house! 

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