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June 30, 2020

How To Make Sure Your Property Stands Out Online

If you want to sell your property relatively quickly, you need to have a presence online. The COVID-19 crisis just increased the importance of having online listings since fewer people can conduct in-person showings. Just having an online listing in and of itself isn’t enough. You need to make sure that you are having professional photos, be detailed about your listing, and use social media effectively. Here is how you can make sure that your property gets the online recognition that you deserve. Let’s get started:

Make Sure You Have Professional Photos

When you are selling your property online, you need to make sure that you have clear, professional photos. These have to be attractive photos that intrigue potential buyers. Make sure that you have good lighting in each of the rooms, or that there is enough natural light to make things work. You also want to make sure that the rooms aren’t empty. Having furniture in the shot makes the home look more friendly. Having dimly lit photos, or photos from an inferior camera, can make it that much harder to sell your property. 

Use Social Media Effectively 

Today, millennials are the biggest new entrant into the real estate market. And this demographic is increasingly finding information about what they want to buy on social media. Everything from clothes, vacation packages, and yes, real estate. You need to make sure that you are using social media effectively so that you are getting your property in front of the eyes of prospective buyers. You may want to work with a social media marketing firm who has experience in this arena. 

Be Detailed

If someone is interested in your property, they’ll want to get more details in the listing. Even if you have great looking photos, if you don’t have detailed copy, then people may lose interest. Take the time to tell interested parties about when the home was built. Highlight its strengths, like a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Highlight the strengths of the community, such as the schools or the local entertainment. 

There are some homeowners who don’t want to go through the hassle of completing an online listing or writing up a detailed description for their property. If you fall into that camp, you can still sell your home. Just give 4 Brothers Buy Houses a call. At 4 Brothers Buy Houses, we’ll purchase your property cash. We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote. That way, you can sell your property on your own timeline. No need to rush. No need to hire a real estate agent. And no need to create an online listing. Contact us today, we’re looking forward to helping you sell your home on your own terms.

June 24, 2020

What To Expect From The Real Estate Market For The Rest Of 2020

COVID-19 has changed the way that people buy homes. But it hasn’t changed the level of demand for properties. Because demand has remained high, housing prices have remained steady or even risen in some places. Many forecasters expect housing prices to drop during the fall or winter months if the pandemic has another spike and unemployment doesn’t improve. But the reopening hasn’t led to any major national issues thus far, and most analysts remain confident in the near term strength of the real estate market. There is some market uncertainty in the future, because the generous unemployment benefits from the federal government stimulus bill are set to run out at the end of the summer. 

Prices Are Expected To Rise In The Summer Months

During the summer months, most analysts believe that home prices are going to rise. That is in part because the country’s re-opening hasn’t hit many hiccups. The federal government’s stimulus plan put more money in Americans’ hands, especially with unemployment benefits giving those laid off due to COVID-19 up to $600 per week. The added stimulus and federal reserve actions have helped to boost the stock market as well. 

If COVID-19 Spikes During The Fall or Winter, Prices Could Drop

The problem is that if COVID-19 does spike during the fall or winter months, markets could face serious issues. Federal unemployment benefits run out at the end of the summer, and mortgage and rent deferrals passed by a number of states run out later in the fall. If unemployment doesn’t improve, and another stimulus bill isn’t passed, the stock market and the housing market could be in trouble. It is difficult to know if COVID-19 will spike in the winter months. But with more Americans indoors, and with the traditional flu season running concurrently, it is a possibility. 

We Still Don’t Know How High Unemployment Impacts The Future Numbers

At the end of the day, a lot of the real estate market’s success depends on employment numbers. If high unemployment persists over the next several years, then we would expect the real estate market to eventually run into trouble. But if employment numbers improve over the rest of this year and into the future, then the real estate market shouldn’t face many problems at all. 

Trying to find the right time to sell can be difficult. Timing the market is hard enough as it is, and adding in a pandemic to the equation just adds another level of complexity to the problem. If you want to sell your home without worrying about these issues, give 4 Brothers Buy Houses a call. We’ll come evaluate your property and give you a free, no obligation quote. You can sell your property on your own schedule, on a timeline that is comfortable for you.

January 21, 2016

Arlington VA Real Estate Market Expected To Remain Flat in 2016


The Arlington VA Real Estate Market Expected to Remain Flat in 2016

The Arlington real estate market has been in a sideways trend over the last year and is expected to remain stagnant.  According to Zillow, current median property values in the area are $604,000, a decrease of 0.4% on the year, while 2016 is projected to bring a 0.2% increase in value.[i]  In addition, the average rental rates in Arlington are $2039, a decrease of $23 or 1.1% from six months ago.[ii]  The good news is that development is taking over center stage, as there are a number of real estate projects in motion.  What does this mean to homeowners, those looking to buy real estate, and those looking to move into Arlington in 2016?

Single Family Home Prices In Arlington

The shinning beacon of light throughout the Arlington real estate market is single-family homes, as they are in high demand.  3 BR single-family homes have increased in value 4.8% on the year to $732,500, while selling in an average of 1.79 months.[iii]  Those who are in a position to sell this type of housing should take action now, while there are plenty of buyers available.  On the other hand, those looking to purchase real estate in Arlington might want to consider holding off on purchasing single-family homes due to their hefty price.

Arlington Condos

Condos in Arlington have dropped in value 9.7% since November 2014 to a median price of $375,000.[iv] Those looking to purchase a condo in Arlington should take advantage of the opportunity they have available right now.  On the other hand, those looking to sell their condo may want to hold onto it for a while in hopes that their property value picks back up.

Rental Rates In Arlington

With rental rates at an average of $2039, real estate investors in the area are taking advantage of the market conditions.  Those who are considering renting property in Arlington should be able to capitalize on relatively stable rental rates in 2016, as the overall market isn’t expected to move significantly.

Developments In Arlington

There are a number of real estate developments in Arlington that were recently completed, including the Maxwell Apartments, The Beacon, Columbia Place, Pike 3400, The Shell, Clarendon Apartments, Verde Point, and The Arcadia.[v]  Since Arlington is bracing for a population boom, property values are likely to increase over the next 10 years.

Future Developments In Arlington

There are a large number of future development projects in Arlington that will likely support this real estate market over the long-term.   Since most of these projects are focused on the residential rental market, expect people to move into the area and improve the region economically.

Arlington Real Estate Market

Real estate values are likely to remain stable throughout 2016 and increase over the next ten years.  Overall the market is strong and is calling people into the area, allowing those who own or want to purchase real estate with an investment that carries very little risk.



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January 8, 2016

Washington D.C. Real Estate Market Indicators Stay Strong Into 2016

washington market data

Washington D.C. Real Estate Market Indicators Stay Strong Into 2016

The Washington D.C. real estate market has been on a steady climb since 2012, and 2016 appears to be more of the same. As 2015 came to a close, all real estate market parameters are inching up, suggesting that continued strength and price increases are on the horizon. Those who are considering purchasing real estate in Washington D.C. will face continued strong competition for property. Homeowners who are interested in selling real estate in the city should take advantage of the surge in sales activity and increase in property values as we head into the new year.

Increasing Sales Activity

According to market statistics, the numbers of closed sales in Washington D.C. in November 2015 were 8,603, up from the five-year November average of 7,937. In addition, the numbers of pending sales in November 2015 were 10,825, while the five-year average has been 9,548. This demonstrates that overall market is heating up throughout the metropolitan area, allowing sellers to connect with interested buyers.

Falling Real Estate Inventory Levels

Throughout Washington D.C., real estate inventory levels are dropping. As of November 2015, Washington D.C. had 4.1 months of supply, significantly less than the going five-year November average of 4.6 months. When a real estate market experiences falling inventory, there are either fewer sellers or more buyers taking properties off the market. In Washington D.C. buyer demand is heating up, while many homeowners are holding off on the sale, insisting on higher property values before listing their property on the market.

Increasing Median Sales Value

Since the amount of demand throughout Washington D.C. is greater than the supply, both the listing price and the median sales price are increasing throughout the city. Presently, Zillow has estimated that median property values are $500,300, a 7% increase over the year. According to Trulia, the median list price throughout Washington D.C. is $650,241, up 3.3% on the week and the median sales price is $510,000, up 5.2% from September. Over the course of 2016 alone, property values are expected to increase 3.1%, giving those who are interested in selling or buying real estate in Washington D.C plenty to consider.

Take Advantage Of The Washington D.C. Real Estate Market

Homeowners who are in a position to sell their house in Washington D.C. and are satisfied with their property values have every reason to take action now, as the market is favorable to them. Those who are looking to purchase real estate in Washington D.C. will face continued strong competition.