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July 26, 2019

How To Sell A Home With Liens

Discovered that you have a property lien on your home? For some homeowners, this may come as a surprise. The good news is that you can still sell your property, even with a lien on it. The bad news is that a lien makes things more difficult, and it might take some negotiation with a buyer to get them to take on a property with a lien on it. Let’s explore what a lien is and how it affects the process of selling your home. 


What Is A Lien?


A property lien may be placed on your property in the event of an unpaid debt. Liens are different than personal debts. Personal debts are tied to you, specifically, regardless of where you are located or where you work. Property liens are tied to the property, and will remain even if the property is transferred to another party. Property liens are only removed once the debt has been paid. A property lien can be filed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most infamous type of lien is the tax lien, which the government can file after unpaid taxes. However, other creditors can file liens on your property as well, and they can even be filed for things such as failure to pay child support.


Why Are Liens Such A Hassle?

Having a lien on your home often means that any type of home sale will run into lengthy delays. That is because the prospective home buyer isn’t just considering taking on the property, they are also going to be responsible for taking on the lien. In most cases, real estate agents recommend that you pay off any lien on the property before bringing the property to the market. In some instances, you may be able to pay off relatively small liens with the equity in your home after the event of a sale. However, if the lien amount is greater than your home equity, you may not be able to sell the property and cover the lien.


Selling A Home With A Property Lien


If you’ve decided to sell a home with a property lien, you typically have two options–negotiate with the buyer, or negotiate with the lien issuing party. Convincing the buyer to take on the lien often isn’t a realistic option. But there are some scenarios where buyers will consider taking on a home with a lien, usually in regards to distressed properties. Negotiating with the issuing party is usually a better option. In a lot of cases, the lien can be removed by paying a portion of the debt, or by starting a payment plan to pay it off incrementally. 



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