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    November2016 Housing Sales and Market Update For Washington, D.C. & Surrounding Area

    January 8, 2017

January 8, 2017

November2016 Housing Sales and Market Update For Washington, D.C. & Surrounding Area

, November2016 Housing Sales and Market Update  For Washington, D.C. & Surrounding Area

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4 Brothers Buy Houses is proud to share this update on current Washington D.C. area housing sales and market conditions.*

In November 2016,Median Housing Prices Reached the Highest Level Since 2005.

In November 2016,the median home sale price in the Washington D.C. area was $407,000 – the highest median sales price for the area since 2005.Sales volume increased by more than 14% over November 2015, and last month saw the largest number of total sales in any single month since 2009.

The year-to-date median sales prices of homes in the Washington D.C. area is up by 0.7%, with the greatest year-to-date increases seen in Prince George’s County and Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. replaced Falls Church City as the “region’s most expensive location” (measured by average prices), with November median sales prices of $549,000; Prince George’s County remains the most affordable, with November median sales prices of $260,000. The prices of individual homes and neighborhoods may vary, but the average numbers in November show a strong housing market in the greater Washington D.C. area.

Pending Sales and On-Market Inventory Declined in November 2016, But New Listings Increased

According to figures published by

Pending sales at the end of November were down almost 1% compared with November 2015, and down by 14.5% from October 2016 numbers. However, new listings increased last month, with 4,264 new residential listings coming on the market in November. This increase applied across the housing spectrum, with single-family homes, townhouses, and condos all showing an increase in the number of new listings.

On-sale housing inventory at the end of November 2016 was 14.4%lower than this time last year, and 12% lower than at the end of October 2016.Most likely, these decreases reflect the greater sales volume and the closing of pending sales before the end of the month.

Average “Days on Market” For Listed Properties Remained Unchanged.

The median days-on-market for listed properties in Washington D.C. and the surrounding counties in November 2016 was 23 days,exactly the same as October’s DOM, and two days lower than the average DOM in November 2015.

Fairfax City remained the slowest regional market in November(median days-on-market: 32) though this number is significantly lower than the 52 average days-on-market for listings in Fairfax City this time last year. Falls Church City was the fastest-moving market last month, with a median DOM of only 9 (down from 14 in November 2015).

Sales numbers vary from county to county, and even among neighborhoods. The speed and success of a housing sale is dependent on many factors, from listing price to home condition and comparable listings in the area. Your personal experience may vary, but knowing the average numbers is still helpful when making plans to sell your home, either through a realtor or to an investor.