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, Realtor Referral Program

Realtor Referral Program

Are you a Realtor that’s come across a house or a homeowner situation that just isn’t a great fit for a traditional listing but still wants to sell their house?

  • Maybe it’s an ‘ugly’ house that you think you won’t be able to easily sell on the market.
  • Maybe the seller is behind on payments and there isn’t time to sell the house to a traditional buyer.
  • Maybe the seller owes more than the house is worth and wants to do a short sale, but you’re worried a traditional buyer might not be willing to wait around the time it takes for the short sale approval.
  • Maybe the seller inherited a house and just wants to get cash from the house in the easiest way they can and isn’t fixated on getting absolute top dollar for it.

In any of these situations and many more, 4 Brothers Buy Houses Realtor referral program can be an ideal fit. With the 4 Brothers Realtor Referral Program, we can be your all the time ‘pocket buyer’ that can buy these houses quickly, for cash, and without any conditions or contingencies. We can not only get you your well-deserved listing commission but also have you act as our buyer’s agent to be able to ‘double end’ the transaction, plus an additional commission bonus to you.

We will even give you some of our seller leads from our existing database of over 1,400 so you can generate MORE listing business. Even if we don’t buy the house, if you send us a legitimate lead, we will provide you with a high-quality listing lead as a ‘thank you’ for referring us a possible deal.

Ultimately, we are a way for you to make MORE money than selling to a traditional buyer, while at the same time being a hero in your seller’s eyes by selling a house quicker and easier than they’ve thought possible. You work too hard not to be able to list and sell every house that you come across.

And not only can we buy the few houses a year you may come across where the seller just isn’t a good fit for a traditional sale, but we can also be a cash offer that you can use as needed to get more listing appointments and close more listings. Instead of pitching just the ‘normal’ option of being able to list a seller’s house, you now have a CASH offer you can offer the seller as well. Imagine how much more powerful it is when you’re talking to a seller to say not only can I list your house but my investor can actually make you a CASH offer and buy your house within just a couple of weeks. How many more listings do you think you could secure every year if you had a legitimate cash offer that you can pitch to your prospective clients?

We aren’t a fit for ‘pretty’ houses or sellers with plenty of time to sell, or who want absolute top dollar, but for those few sellers a year you come across who just aren’t a good fit for a traditional sale, we can be an amazing option.

To recap, we offer:

  • Legitimate cash offer to pitch to any of your listing prospects
  • A fast, no contingency sale for a homeowner who doesn’t want to sell the traditional way
  • A way to make significantly MORE commissions than you would on a normal sale by getting both the buyer and seller sides of the deal, plus an additional commission bonus AND listing leads

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

We’ve helped lots of great people over the years. Here’s what a few of them had to say about us.

I had a good deal in District Heights but did not have the right buyer for the deal. I was able to partner with Four Brothers Buy Houses, and use their buyers list to sell my deal. I made more money than if I would have done it on my own, and I had such a great experience, I plan on doing future deals with them. Kevin made the process easy for me.

- Pete H.

I brought over a deal Lanham that I wasn’t sure I would be able to find a buyer at the price I needed. Kevin was able to help me get my deal closed and I made more money than I would have on my own. If I ever run into a deal like that again, I would be sure to bring it back to Jon and Kevin.

- Alex K.

Reached out to 4brothers to see if they could help me close more deals. Kevin went with me on one of my seller appointments, closed the deal, and then got it sold for a good price, even with the COVID-19 mess going on. Once the deal was under contract with the end buyer, Kim and Kevin handled everything and I got paid. Since then, I’ve brought additional leads to Kevin and we now have two more deals under contract. This is a relationship that’s helping me learn and grow my business and I look forward to doing a bunch of deals in the future.

- Ronnie I.