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    Should You Sell Your Alexandria VA Home When You Retire?

    December 21, 2021

December 21, 2021

Should You Sell Your Alexandria VA Home When You Retire?

When you reach retirement age, there are many decisions you’ll have to make, including whether or not you want to sell your home in Alexandria VA. Some retirees downsize from a home that was once full of kids, while others prefer to stay as long as possible. There is no right or wrong decision – it all depends on your finances, needs and living preferences. 

If you do decide that selling your home is best, it’s important to consider all types of sales. While working with a realtor is the most common way to sell a home, more people are choosing to sell their properties for fast cash. 

Let’s cover the benefits of selling your home in retirement, along with the best method for doing so. 

Reasons to Sell Your Home in Alexandria VA When You Retire 

For some people, it makes sense to sell their home and receive a check. This money can then be used for things like a rental property, a down payment for a smaller home or travel expenses. Retirement is the time to live your best life, so it’s helpful to have the money to do this! 

Here are the advantages of selling your home in Alexandria VA when you retire: 

  • Downsize. If your current home has more space than you need, it might be worth it to downsize. A smaller home means less maintenance and fewer expenses. You can even start looking for a one-level ranch where you can age in place. 
  • Reduce monthly costs. Another great reason to sell your home in retirement is so that you can reduce your monthly expenses. With a smaller home, you can save on maintenance, utilities and property taxes. 
  • Increase savings. Whether you choose to rent or move into a smaller home, you can add the profits from your home sale to your savings account. This gives you more money for retirement, which is especially helpful if you don’t have enough. 

What is the Best Way to Sell Your Home in Retirement?

Have you decided that selling your home in retirement is best for you? If so, consider selling it to a company that buys houses for cash. 4 Brothers Buy Houses purchase properties throughout Virginia in any condition. We will buy yours, too! 

As cash home buyers in Alexandria, we have the money to buy your home outright. We do not need financing from the bank. This means that the process moves quickly because there is no waiting on an appraisal, inspection or loan approval. 

A few more benefits to selling your home for cash when you retire are: 

  • No realtor commissions or fees 
  • Fast, firm cash offer 
  • No showings or home staging 
  • No inspection or appraisal 
  • Quick closing, usually in 10 days 
  • Closing costs covered by us 
  • Sell your home as-is 

With 4 Brothers Buy Houses, you can get fast cash for your home that can be used for whatever you’d like! Travel the world, open a new business or make a down payment on a smaller home. By selling your home for cash in Alexandria, a world of new possibilities opens up! Contact our home buying company in Virginia to receive your free cash offer.