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How To Sell My House Virginia,

We buy and sell Houses as-is in DC, MD, and Virginia

Selling your house to us “as-is” offers a fast, convenient alternative to hiring a realtor or struggling sell my house Virginia on your own as a “For Sale By Owner” listing. As investors, when you say ‘sell my house dc‘ we buy your home in precisely its current condition, with no repairs, improvements, or arguments. Our offer is based on the actual value of your home and paid in cash, normally within 7-10 days after you accept our offer and simple, no-inspection contract.

Selling to us as-is offers significant advantages over selling with a realtor or “For Sale By Owner”:

  • Speed & Efficiency. Most home sales take 30-60 days to close, depending on location, the buyer’s need to qualify for a loan, and the number and type of inspections. Repairs can extend the closing even further. We can make you an offer today and close the deal quickly—often in just 7-10 days.
  • Simplicity and Ease. Leave any ‘Stuff’ you don’t want in the house for us to take care of. Not only do you not have to make any updates or repairs before selling the house, but you don’t even have to remove any personal items from the house! Take the things you want- that heirloom record player, and leave the stuff you don’t- that creepy clown doll collection. We’ll take care of everything once the contract is signed.
  • No Commissions or Closing Costs. Realtors’ commissions usually total 6% of the selling price. When added to the seller’s share of closing costs, commissions and other fees can easily cost you 6-10% of the total sales price of your home. On a $500,000 sale, that’s up to $50,000 out of your pocket! (And even selling “For Sale By Owner” requires you to pay closing costs and fees.) When we buy a home, we take care of all closing costs and there are no sales commissions involved—you receive the entire purchase price.
  • No Inspections. Most home sale contracts are contingent upon the buyer’s approval of the inspection report. If the buyers don’t like the condition of your home, they can get out of the deal and you have to start the entire process over. We don’t need inspections. We buy your home exactly as it is, regardless of condition.
  • No Repairs or Requests for Credits at Close of Escrow. Buyers often ask the seller to make repairs or to give “credit” toward the cost of repairs and upgrades at the close of escrow. These credits reduce the purchase price of your home, meaning you actually receive less money than the amount on the purchase contract. We never ask you to make repairs or to reduce the purchase price. What we offer you, we pay—quickly, in cash, and with no surprises.

Can I Sell My Home As-Is With a Realtor or “For Sale By Owner”?

Yes, but it isn’t easy. Most realtors work on commission, which means they receive a percentage of the sales price. That gives realtors an incentive to list your home for the highest possible price, which either means refusing to list the house “as-is” or asking a higher price than buyers are willing to pay for the house in its current condition.

“As-is” listings—with a realtor or “For Sale By Owner”—also create a stigma in the minds of many prospective buyers. People assume there’s something “wrong” with a house that’s listed for sale “as-is.” They may not give your house a chance, or if they do, they ask for major price reductions, even if the listing price reflects the actual value of the property. Our offers are based on the actual value of your home, even though we buy “as-is.” We never ask you to make repairs, or reduce our offer after we make a deal.

Most Buyers Don’t Want to Purchase A Home As-Is, But We Do!

Most buyers are looking for a home to live in, or to use as a rental property. They want a house that doesn’t need costly repairs or upgrades, and often ask for credit against the purchase price after the home inspection to fix or update the features they want replaced.

By contrast, we have extensive experience with constructions and home repair and don’t mind doing the work ourselves. We’ve rebuilt foundation walls, cleaned up after hoarders, and re-built entire houses—all bought from the owners in as-is condition. We’ve purchased over 100 houses, and when we say “condition doesn’t matter,” we really mean it.

You can even leave any the personal items you don’t want in the house at close of escrow, and we’ll deal with those as well—from couches to cookware, dolls to grand pianos. We’ll donate what we can, and discard what we can’t, but either way we’ll take care of it all. Once, we even had an owner leave a still-damp towel lying on his un-made bed!

Our goal is to provide you with the best and easiest home-selling experience. Want to know more? Click here to get an all-cash offer on your home in ten minutes or less!

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