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How To Sell Your Home For Cash

We Buy Houses For Cash in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

Cash Home Buyers vs. Traditional Real Estate Agents

You’ll often end up with just as much, if not more, money by selling your house to us than what you’d ultimately get by listing with a Realtor because there are a number of significant costs that almost EVERY homeowner must pay when selling their house with an Agent.  These costs are deducted from the ‘list price’ a Realtor gives you when meeting with you to try to get you to list their house with them.

LIST PRICE (Median house price in mid-Atlantic region)$300,000
Contract Price$288,000
Real Estate Agent Commission (Typically 6%)$18,000
Closing Costs (Average 2-3%)$6,000
Closing Cost Credit To Buyer (Average 2-4%)$6,000
Holding Costs (Mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, utilities for 2-4 months)$6,700
Minor Repairs (Average repairs are $2,000-6,000)$3,000
Total Costs$39,700

When you sell your house to 4 Brothers Buy Houses you don’t pay ANY of those costs.  While our offer will be lower than what a Realtor will tell you that you could list your property for, you’ll often end up with MORE money in your pocket by going with us than by listing with an Agent. You can sell your house, TODAY, and know TODAY that it is sold.  It’s just a matter of picking the closing date, and coming to closing.

How Are We Different?
There are a lot of different individuals and groups out there that claim to buy houses in ‘cash.’ We are different because when you say “I want to sell my house for cash in DC” – we can actually do it. We can show you a bank statement that has the cash in it, right now, to buy your house. There will be no surprises, and you’ll know that when we say we will buy your house, we can perform. Many of the other ‘I Buy Houses’ groups say they buy in ‘cash,’ but actually use hard money or even traditional bank financing to buy houses. That means that if your house or the buyers don’t qualify and meet the lenders standards, they will not fund the loan and the buyers will not be able to purchase your house. Since we buy with our own cash, when we say we will buy the house, we will buy it. There is no other group or entity that will be involved.

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