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April 16, 2019

Sell your House in DC without Paying Closing Costs

Real estate transactions are typically finalized on the basis of “closing costs”, the burden of which often falls upon the seller. These costs basically involve an assortment of fees that are paid at the closing of the home sale deal. These costs are incurred either by the buyer or the seller when the title or ownership of the property is transferred from one party to another.  

However, lucky for you, there is a way for you to sell your house without paying or worrying about closing costs. When selling to us, you can sell your house fast and seal the real estate deal quickly because we pay all closing costs.

Common Closing Costs

Selling a house is usually deemed to be a profitable transaction, especially for the seller. Real estate is almost always appreciating, so profits are all but guaranteed. However, in several unfortunate circumstances, this potential profit can be eaten by huge closing costs that the sellers have to bear.

Closing costs greatly depend on factors like where you live, the property you are selling, etc. This means that they can vary widely based on these factors.  However, there is a list of typical costs that are included in the closing.

Some of these closing costs include the application fee, closing or escrow fee, grantor taxes, loan payoff fee, attorney fees,  and title insurance, to name a few.

In a typical real estate transaction, it is very rare that buyers offer to pay these closing costs, so it is the sellers who have to bear the expenses. You can expect to pay somewhere between 6%-10% of the property selling price in closing costs.

We Pay Closing Costs for You

Once you factor in the sellers closing costs, you might find yourself reconsidering the whole idea of selling and end up wondering if it is even worth all your time, money and effort.

4 brothers won’t give you any reason to pause or rethink your decision to sell because we pay the closing costs for you. We buy houses in DC from homeowners who don’t want to deal with realtors or worry about the realtor fees. Not just that, we also won’t let you worry about any of the other seller closing costs either.

We Take Care of Everything

Although you may net almost the same with us as you would with a realtor, all this happens without the hassle and extensive time required to find a potential buyer.

Once the contract is signed, we pay your closing costs and ensure a professional real estate transaction. We try to make the entire process of selling your home easy. It can be a very stressful time so we take on the burden of most seller hassles. If you wish to sell your house fast in DC without any hassle, delays or inconvenience, contact us now and let us draft the best real estate deal for you.