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    Should you sell your house FSBO?

    April 16, 2019

April 16, 2019

Should you sell your house FSBO?

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, FSBO houses are sold at a lower price compared to those houses sold by real estate agents. Many people assume that selling a house through an agent is a more expensive option. Well, that depends. An agent may get you more for your house than if you try to sell it yourself, but we may be able to get you more than if you were to sell with a real estate professional!

What’s the difference you ask?

Well, a real estate agent uses MLS to list and sell your house. On the other hand, a real estate professional simply buys your house as it is and you get instant cash.

As a homeowner, you may not have access to the same knowledge as real estate agents. They are able to see what comparable houses sold for, and how long it would take to get a certain price for a house. With a seller’s agent by your side, you will be able to find out about the current housing prices circulating in the market, as well as the best strategies to sell your house for top dollar. If you want to sell your house fast in Capitol Heights, MD, then you may want to rethink listing your house for sale by owner.

4 Brothers Buy Houses gives you the option that will allow you to sell your house within two weeks and without paying commissions. In fact, if you want to take longer and explore a few options, then we are all for it. Here are four reasons why you should not take the FSBO route and let us buy your house with cash.

Reason #1

Lower Sale Price

The actual process of selling your house is pretty long and grueling. If you are opting for the FSBO route just because you think you will save on the commission, then think again. You will probably have to pay a few hundred dollars to the agent for the sale, as well as other fees for the paperwork. Moreover, you might not get the amount you were hoping for. With 4 Brothers Buy Houses, you don’t have to pay commissions on either side, you won’t have to make repairs and WE pay the closing costs. We handle all the paperwork to make the transaction easy for you.

Reason #2

Slower Sale

Not as many people will be looking at a house that is for sale by owner because many are relying on agents to find a house for them. Most of the time agents are looking at the MLS. The longer your house sits on the market, the more its value will fall. So if you are thinking about doing a FSBO but need a quick sale, you may want to give 4 Brothers a call so you have their offer in case the FSBO route takes too long.

Reason #3

Difficult Transaction

Ask any homeowner who opted for the FSBO route and you will find out that they went to great lengths for the transfer of the title. Then, there’s the closing process that can take days due to the negotiations. Sounds too taxing, right? If you want to avoid this mess, then contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses. As real estate investors, they handle all these steps for you.

Reason #4

Too Many Negotiations

The whole back and forth of crafting an offer and then receiving a counteroffer can be very annoying. Your asking price might be too high, which doesn’t sit well with the potential buyer so they send in another offer. Sometimes, homeowners feel insulted when they receive a low-ball offer. You don’t have to worry about any of these things when selling your house to 4 Brothers Buy Houses. Our specialty is that we buy houses with cash to make your transaction easy. To all those homeowners out there who want to sell their house fast, simply fill our form and submit it. We will visit your house to make an offer. If we reach a price that we both agree on, we will handle everything all the way through closing. For more information on how we buy houses fast in Capitol Heights, MD and what you need to do as a homeowner, call at 202-780-9793.