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May 10, 2019

Should You Trust Those “We Buy Houses Cash” Signs?

We’ve all seen them–the “We Buy Homes Cash” signs at suburban intersections. When you see one, you might think about the possibility of getting out of your mortgage, or what you’d do without the responsibility of being a homeowner any longer. Maybe selling your home will help you to get out of debt or pay off some bills. You may be interested, but you aren’t totally sure if those signs are legitimate. After all, isn’t selling a home supposed to be a long and difficult process that takes months or even years to complete? How could someone buy your home for cash just like that? The answer is that a significant portion of these companies are legitimate and will buy your property from you without any hassles. Here what you can expect from a company that buys homes for cash:



How Do “Cash For Homes” Companies Operate?

Companies that buy homes for cash are often looking for properties that may need a little bit of work. Perhaps the property needs a few repairs that the homeowner can’t afford. The home buying company will expedite the purchase of the property and make an offer after a showing. The seller can agree (or decline) the offer and move on to the buyer’s contract stage. This process happens in just days or weeks instead of the months or years that it takes to complete the traditional property sale. There’s also no need for real estate agents, real estate attorneys, or cutting commission checks.



How To Know If You Are A Good Candidate To Sell Your Home For Cash

A number of different types of homeowners may want to quickly sell their home for cash. You may inherit a home that you have no intention of living in, or you may own a home that needs repairs that you can’t afford. Maybe you are going through a divorce and want to sell, or have debts or bills that need to be paid in the near term. If you are frustrated with traditional property sale process or in need of cash quickly, then you may want to think about selling homes for cash.



Avoiding Scams

There is always that possibility that the company behind the sign is a scam, or that there is no company behind the sign at all. That is why it is important to do online research before going into business with cash for homes company. Look for online reviews from multiple sources. You’ll also want to see if the company is registered with the state or if there are legal complaints pending. If you can’t find any information on the business, or if the only information that you find are negative complaints, then the company is likely one you want to avoid.


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