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December 3, 2021

Can I Sell My Maryland Home if it Has Storm Damage?

Depending on where you live in Maryland, you might see all types of weather: tornadoes, hurricanes, severe storms and snow. Just this September, Tropical Depression Ida hit Maryland with high winds, tornadoes and flooding. 

If your home suffers damage, you can go through your insurance company to cover the repairs. But even then, you’ll probably still have to pay something out of pocket. If you can’t afford your deductible or out-of-pocket costs, what happens next? 

Unfixed storm damage on your property can cause serious problems when you go to sell. After all, most people don’t want to buy a home that needs work. Fortunately, you do have options when it comes to selling your Maryland home with storm damage. 

What Type of Storm Damage is Most Common in Maryland? 

Maryland’s climate is experiencing warmer and wetter conditions, with more extreme weather and less distinct seasons. Because of this climate change, sporadic weather patterns have increased, leading to high winds, tornadoes and hurricanes that can easily damage a home. 

Some of the most common types of property damage we see in Maryland are: 

  • Roof damage from rain, snow, hail and fallen trees 
  • Gutter problems that cause framing issues, water seepage and problems with doors and windows 
  • Siding damage due to harsh winds or hail that lead to water damage, pest infestations and insulation problems 

Can You Sell a Home that Has Severe Storm Damage?

If you cannot afford to fix your home after suffering severe storm damage, your best option is to sell it as-is to a company that buys properties in Maryland

4 Brothers Buy Houses will buy your home in any condition – even with storm damage! We have an extensive network of contractors who will provide the repairs, as well as address other potential issues with your home. 

While we will negotiate a lower offer, you don’t have to put any money into the home. All you need to do is move out – and we are flexible with that, too! For some homeowners, a fresh start is all they want after suffering extensive storm damage that they can’t afford to fix. 

To schedule a quick walkthrough of your property, get in touch with 4 Brothers Buy Houses today. There is never any obligation to continue, so it doesn’t hurt to get an offer on your home so that you can make the best decision.

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