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    Three Surprising Benefits of Selling Your Home to an Investor

    March 4, 2016

March 4, 2016

Three Surprising Benefits of Selling Your Home to an Investor


, Three Surprising Benefits of Selling Your Home to an Investor

Many homeowners believe that listing a house for sale with a real estate agent is the best (or only) way to sell a home. Not true! In today’s difficult real estate market, selling directly to an investor offers homeowners important, and often unexpected, benefits. To name just a few:


Speed. Unlike conventional real estate listings, which may take weeks or even months to sell, and then involve a lengthy escrow, investors can close a deal quickly—and in cash. The average home sale takes 4-6 weeks from acceptance the buyer’s offer, and sellers don’t get their money until the process is complete. By contrast, investors like 4 Brothers Buy Houses don’t have to rely on inspections, or wait for financing approval, which means they can often close a deal in less than ten days.


Savings. Homeowners often fail to realize just how expensive it can be to sell a house through a Realtor.In addition to real estate agent commissions, the homeowner has to pay closing costs, escrow charges and, often,the costs of repairing issues discovered during inspections. Together, these costscan easily reduce the seller’s proceeds by 7-10% (that’s $25,000on a $250,000 home). Investors don’t perform inspections, and don’t ask sellers to pay for repairs. Best of all, the homeowner pays no commissions on the sale.


Security. Almost 30% of real estate sales fall through. The primary causes of failed sales are buyer financing failure, low appraisals, and poor inspection results—none of which are issues when a homeowner sells to investors. Real estate agents cannot control their clients’ decisions during the escrow process, and can’t guarantee theirbuyers can actually qualify for a loan. When a homeowner sells directly to an investor, for cash and without inspections or lengthy escrows, the deal has much more security than a third-party sale through Realtors.


And these aren’t the only benefits of selling to investors. Listing a home for sale requires cleaning, staging, repairs, and scheduling showings for curious buyers. Open houses can increase a homeowner’s chance of being robbed. Investors don’t need the house staged or repaired, and won’t ask the owner to open the house to the public.


In addition, investors base their purchase offers on comparable sales in the area, using much of the same information real estate agents use to establish a listing price.


For all these reasons, investors offer a valuable alternative to the risk, expense, and annoyance of listing and advertising a home for sale through a traditional real estate agent or broker.


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