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    We Buy Houses in Arlington, VA

We Buy Houses in Arlington, VA

“Sell and buy my Arlington house fast!”

If you have a residential property to sell, you’ve come to the right place. We purchase properties all over Arlington, VA

Just give us a call or submit a form on this website here, and we will reach out asap to discuss our cash offer. We buy all types of properties: single family detached, townhomes, rowhomes, condos, and even lots. Best of all, we buy in any condition, so if your house needs some work or has not been renovated, no sweat. We don’t strictly buy distressed properties though. If you have a house in good shape you’d like to sell quickly, we can close in as little as two weeks.

We hear this all the time, “I need to sell my house fast!” Well, we are experienced home buyers of houses in Arlington – for cash!

Remember, we buy houses pretty or unappealing, with or without a tenant, and we pay all closing costs!

If you say ‘sell my Arlington house’ then contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses as we here at 4 Brothers Buy Houses currently buy Arlington homes.

If you live in Arlington, VA with the zip code 20301, 20310, 20318, 20330, 20350, 20380, 22201, 22202, 22203, 22204, 22205, 22206, 22207, 22209, 22210, 22211, 22213, 22214, 22215, 22216, 22217, 22219, 22225, 22226, 22227, 22230, 22240, 22241, 22242, 22243, 22244, 22245, 22246, 22350  we will come out and give you a fair, no obligation offer.

Selling a house is a stressful experience that most people will go through at some point in their lives. Most sellers worry about what their house will sell for, when the house will sell and what happens if the offer falls through, among many other things. But did you know that you can eliminate most of these stressors by selling your Arlington VA home for cash?

That’s right! When you sell your Arlington house for cash, you’ll get a firm cash offer, and you’ll be able to close in just two weeks. And since you’ll be selling your house in as-is condition, you’re not responsible for any maintenance, cleaning or repairs. The cash buyers will take care of it all!

4 Brothers Buy Houses is a house buying company in Virginia. We buy properties all over the state, including here in Arlington. If you have a property that you want to sell, give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation cash offer.

I Want to Sell My House in Arlington for Cash. What Can I Expect from the Process?

How long it takes to sell a home varies depending on the condition of the home, its location and other factors. In general, you can expect the process to take around 30 to 45 days once an offer is accepted. The hope is that things move smoothly and there aren’t any issues with financing, the inspection, the appraisal, etc. But, we all know that life likes to throw curveballs.

If there is an issue and the sale falls through, you will have to start all over again. If you don’t have the time, energy or money to deal with this, a better option may be to sell your house to our Arlington VA cash home buyers. The process is simple and stress-free – totally opposite from the traditional selling process.

Here are four simple steps to selling your house:

Step 1: Contact our team and tell us about your property. We’re familiar with Arlington, but it helps to know what community your house is in and its condition.

Step 2: Schedule a quick five minute walkthrough. We are an honest, legit house buying company, so we plan to see the property before making an offer. We only need a few minutes to check things out – there’s no pressure to tidy things up!

Step 3: Receive your all-cash, no obligation offer from our house buyers. Our offers are fair and based on many factors, such as your local market and the work your home needs.

Step 4: Schedule closing and get the paperwork in order. Our buyers are not using financing so the closing process moves fast.

What are the Benefits of Selling My Arlington House for Cash?

Now that you know the process for selling an Arlington home for cash, it’s time to talk about the benefits of this type of sale. Many people are unaware that selling their property for cash is much more than a quick sale. While you will most likely take less for your house, you will be saving money because there are no:

  • Fees or commissions. Realtors charge an average of 6% in commissions. There are ZERO fees or commissions to use our house buying services.
  • Inspections or appraisals. Cash offers are not contingent on an appraisal or inspection, so you don’t have to worry about scheduling these.
  • Showings and house staging. We already know that we want to buy your home! There’s no need to pay for house staging and have your home show-ready.
  • Closing costs. Most sellers don’t have to pay any closing costs. We handle the majority of these fees at closing.
  • Repairs or updates. In an as-is sale, you are not required to make repairs and upgrades to the property. We’ll address problem areas during our renovation.

If you’re ready to sell your house fast in Arlington VA, contact 4 Brothers Buy Houses today. We look forward to speaking with you and determining how we can help your housing situation.

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