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July 25, 2019

What To Do With A House When You Have A Job Transfer And Need To Move

Moving because of a job transfer? This can be a stressful process that thousands of Americans have deal with each year. Transfers usually present a number of logistical problems for families–deciding what to do with your belongings, figuring out which schools to send your children to, and choosing what to do with your home. Generally, you have several options when it comes to your property. You can rent it out, sell your home with a real estate agent, or sell to an investor. Each option has its pros and cons, so let’s take a look at which choice will best fit your family’s specific needs.


Rent Out Your Home


If you decide to keep your home, renting it out may be the best possible option. Renting out your property can bring in consistent income month to month. However, there are also a number of expenses that come with being a landlord, and sometimes the hassle simply isn’t worth it. It is important to remember you will be subject to tenant and leasing laws in your state, and violations can come with stiff financial penalties. You’ll also be required to keep up with repairs and property taxes, which can add up over time. If a tenant decides not to pay, you’ll have to go through the eviction process, which can take months and cost you thousands of dollars.


Sell Your Home With An Agent


Selling your home the traditional way is a solid option if you have the time to wait. In some markets, you selling your home can take months, and it could require fairly expensive repairs or renovations in order to get full value for your property. Selling with an agent can reduce some of the pitfalls of navigating the process alone, but it isn’t always the best option if you need the cash quickly for a move. Sometimes, families want to sell their property as quickly as possible so that they can move on. Which brings us to our last option. 


Sell Your Home To 4 Brothers Buy Houses


If you are looking to get out from under your property quickly, you may want to consider selling to 4 Brothers Buy Houses. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will purchase your home immediately, meaning you don’t have to deal with the hassle of a traditional home sale. You won’t need to handle repairs, hire a real estate agent, or showcase your home to prospective buyers. This option is best for families who are looking to move right away and start fresh, without having ties to their old property. Renting out your old property could mean dealing with difficult tenants, paying for expensive repairs, and an additional tax burden. Selling your home with a real estate agent could drag on for months, and you may still need to make repairs or handle landscaping. 4 Brothers Buy Houses will purchase your home right away. Get a free, no obligation quote for your property today.