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Wholesaler Joint-Venture Program

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  • Are you a wholesaler or rehabber looking for ways to make MORE money from your existing lead flow?
  • Do you find that you’re not able to make as much money wholesaling your deals as you know you should be making with your existing buyers list?
  • Do you wish you could jump ahead as if you’d been building your buyers list for years and have a list of not hundreds or a few thousand but of tens of thousands of buyers hungry to buy your deals?
  • Do you feel like you’re coming across deals that ALMOST but not quite work for you to wholesale or buy and rehab on your own? Do you wish there was a way to monetize these ‘borderline’ deals?

Well you can do all of this with the 4 Brothers Buy Houses Investor Joint Venture program.

This program is a way to leverage our buyers list of 32,000 and growing in the DC metro area to sell YOUR deals. Because of this huge list of buyers, we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars and over 8 years building, you can get you MORE money for your deals selling to our list than if you tried to sell them on your own. We can monetize deals that you simply could NOT sell on your own, because our buyers pay MORE than any other buyers list in the DC area.

We have a variety of joint venture structures to sell your deals to our buyers list based on your experience and deal volume. We can even set our program up so that the ONLY upside is for you and you are GUARANTEED to make more by selling your deals with us. This can truly be a no-lose proposition for you to ‘give us a try’ and see what our buyers list can get you for your deals. At the very worst-case scenario you can make the SAME money as if you didn’t work with us to sell your deals!

In addition to virtually GUARANTEEING you’ll make MORE money on your deals we can also coach you for FREE to help you close more leads. Imagine having an experienced mentor who’s closed hundreds of deals just a phone call away to help you close MORE of your existing leads. We can even go on your seller appointments with you to not only be sure you get the deal done but also help you learn how to close more deals on your own.

And the last thing we offer is the ability to free you up so the ONLY thing you need to worry about is tying up your next deal. No more time wasted on marketing your deals and hunting for buyers. No more time wasted on transaction coordination work to get the deal from under contract to the end buyer to actually closed and money in your pocket. We’ll handle all that for you so that ALL you need to focus on is your highest value activities, which is getting your next deal under contract. Once you have the deal, turn it over to 4 Brothers and we will do everything else to get that deal closed and get your money. How many more deals could you get over a year if you never had to worry about finding a buyer for your deals or doing the grunt work and back and forth to get that deal to settlement?

It’s truly a turnkey model for every wholesaler trying to make more money and generate more deals flow.

To recap, we offer:

  • A way to make MORE money off your existing deal flow by selling your deals to our list
  • A NO-LOSE proposition where you only pay us if we generate a higher price on your deal than you can get on your own
  • A full marketing and transaction coordination service where all you have to do is get a deal under contract and turn it over to us, and we take it all the way to settlement
  • An experienced mentor who has closed literally hundreds of deals to help and coach you to make you more effective in your business

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